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Cold calling prospects, forget it I found a better way

Cold calling prospects, forget it I found a better way


First I have to say. I have been in a few networking opportunities over the past five years. I know how all those so called website traffic generators work on the internet. All they produce is hundreds of other marketing opportunities cramming your inbox everyday.

I was once a leadaholic. Purchasing leads from every where. On the phone everyday calling, and calling, then calling some more. Thinking in some insane way it would be different with each new list.

After a while, a little light went off in my head, and I thought to myself, this is doing nothing for my business. You don\'t think do ya! The same thing with those online traffic generators. Ten bucks here, ten bucks there. I just wanted something that worked.

A little while after that I was talking to my sponsor. He was telling me, he wasn\'t using paid leads anymore. You don\'t say! That was a very time consuming and frustrating path, but that was all he knew how to do at the time.

He too was getting tired of spending all his time, the same as I was getting no where with these leads. Cold calling people on these lists that were only tire kickers at best, was costing us way to much.

The truth finally came out on what he was doing now over the past 4 months. And I looked at this ms system of doing things, what he called it. I put this in motion and in 2 months time I had 897 serious people that were networking already, and wanting more info on my business.

This one first step I started to use, paid for my advertising, brought all those leads to me, and I still made a profit of almost a thousand dollars. This has helped me sponsor the right people into my business and can for you too, but only if you let it!

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