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Get A Loan Without Proof Of Employment

Get A Loan Without Proof Of Employment


There are many people today that receive an income but have no way to prove they do. These can be people who are self employed, artists, musicians or a number of other professions that do not have a built in salary. Some of these people may even be in debt or have bad credit and this shouldn\'t stop them from being able to get a mortgage loan if they own their own home. Being unable to prove your income can make some banks concerned you may not be able to pay them back when applying for a mortgage loan.

Proof of income is not required when taking a loan under a non status mortgage. Those who have payments that are infrequent or have a payment schedule that is not set will have more of an advantage with a non status mortgage. People with payments from a large settlement or annuity and cannot work will be able to use their home for a non status mortgage.

Having bad credit or having an income source that is definite but unscheduled will qualify most people for a non status mortgage. Being able to pay back the loan is more important to the lender than where you are getting your money from. Getting a mortgage loan through this method can be great when you are honest about your income situation. Being dishonest may get you a larger loan, but being unable to repay will be bad for your credit history.

If you cannot provide a proof of income for a standard loan, then applying for a non status loan may be your solution. Some mortgage options require you to be making a set amount of income, or a certain credit range, but not with non status loans. If you cannot qualify for a standard loan, a non status loan can be an option, so check with your lender.

Being unable to pay back the non status mortgage will put you at risk of losing your home. When you put your home up for collateral with a non status home, you may not be able to get the full value of the equity on your home. Losing your home for less than it is worth along with paying a 5%-20% deposit on the loan can be real disadvantages, especially for those who were dishonest to get a higher loan amount.

There are many options online for non status loans from a bank or other lenders. Make sure to check with your local lending institutions as well as online to make the best decision on interest rates and options.

Getting a non status mortgage loan can be a great help to those who need money right away but have no other options for standard loans. Many lenders are willing to give a non status mortgage to individuals who are able to make the deposit regardless of proof of income.

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